Reinbow's End Farm offers a variety of professional English riding lessons - for children (ages 3 and up) and adults - taught as private or group sessions, scheduled by appointment. We instruct beginners thru advanced riders in equitation, hunters, and jumpers. With both indoor and outdoor riding arenas lessons are not weather dependent. Rain or shine - open year round (many evening classes available too)!

Riders taking lessons at Reinbow's End Farm are offered many added opportunities to enrich their talents with competitions, clinics, and special events that increase rider knowledge and skills. These activities allow our students to progress faster and master the requisite skills necessary to attain the next level in their riding. Our riders compete successfully at the local and national level and we're able to create an environment where riders of all ages and abilities can excel.


Our professional horseback riding instructors are all accomplished equestrians who have repeatedly produced successful horses/ponies and winning riders locally and nationally. Our teaching staff is dedicated to providing the best instruction for all levels of riders. Our instructors include:

  • John Muldoon (Head Instructor/Owner)
  • Lisa Bent

    Whether tall, small, brown, chestnut, paint, white or grey, our horses all have something in common; they have been selected for their ability to gently teach and challenge riders of all abilities. Whether you want to learn or improve your skills in the hunter/jumper or equitation disciplines or just want to learn how to ride with confidence on the trail system surrounding the farm, you'll find the perfect equine partner waiting for you here at Reinbow's End Farm.


    We provide horseback riding lessons for people who want to learn to ride, and horse training for horses who need an education. We are now accepting horses for training - breaking to finishing of the green hunter horse.


    Type Amount
    1 Hour Group Lesson $45
    1/2 Hour Private Lesson $55
    1/2 Hour Semi-Private Lesson $55
    1 Hour Private Lesson $75
    Professional Ride $50

    Group lessons are generally an hour long and consist of three to five riders of similar age and skill level. Private lessons are available for special show preparation or for additional practice to resolve riding issues. Riders are expected to allow enough time prior to the lesson for grooming and tacking the horse.

    Whether you're an avid rider or just starting out, call us today to schedule your lesson! To schedule a lesson, please call: (610) 827-5050.


    • ATTIRE: Long pants are reqired for horseback riding. Although riding boots and breeches/jodhpurs are not required, they are highly recommended. Loose or baggy clothing, which could become a safety issue, must be avoided.
    • FOOTWEAR: All students must wear appropriate footwear at all times while working around and riding horses. Appropriate footwear is a hard-soled shoe with a heel. Absolutely, no tennis shoes, sandals, or sneakers.
    • HELMETS: All students MUST wear a certified ASTM-SEI approved riding helmet. If you do not have your own, Reinbow's End Farm will provide the use of a helmet.
    • LESSON CANCELLATIONS: Students (or parents) are financially responsible for all lessons not canceled before 12 o'clock noon the day PRIOR to the scheduled lesson. Notice of cancellation can be made by calling or leaving a message on the farm answering machine (610-827-5050).
    • PAYMENT: Reinbow's End Farm accepts checks or cash for lessons. Checks should be made payable to Reinbow's End Farm, payments should be made directly prior to, or after each lesson.
    • RETURNED CHECKS: There is a $25.00 charge for any returned check.
    • PARKING: Please, please, please drive in and out of the property very slowly. There are often children and animals in the driveway.
    • CHILDREN: Supervision of children on Reinbow's End Farm premises is the responsibility of the parent or a supervisor appointed by them. Children must stay with the appointed person at all times.
    • RUNNING OR SCREAMING: No Running or screaming in or around the stable areas.
    • JUMPING: No Lesson student is allowed to jump without an instructor.
    • FEEDING HORSES: Please do not feed the horses. Even the best horses sometimes bite.
    • NO SMOKING in and around the barn areas.